Saturday, August 31, 2013

Utilizing the Picture Vocabulary Method to increase Learning Efficiency

Do you remember your first day at school? One will definitely remember the pictures one saw on that day, though they one did not know the names. One of the greatest tools for education is the picture vocabulary style of teaching.

Utility value of the Picture Vocabulary technique 
This picture vocabulary method does just what the name tells. It associates the picture to a word and this helps the person remember the word easily. The surprising thing is that this method does not stop at the school level or at the high school level, but carries on to the professional levels too. Experienced architects and engineers use pictorial representations to analyze their structures.

Underlying principle of operation 
How does this work? There is an innate curiosity in man firmly implanted in his genes. We see this in the evolutionary phase of man where he is a traveller and a conqueror. Only another wonder found in nature surpasses his need to discover new things and visit new places. This is the replication of basic forms. The wings and legs of many insects and birds are similar in form and in the manner of usage.

Interaction with Human nature
When a person sees a picture, his senses preempt his curiosity. The word given alongside is the insect or bird that is similar to what he has already seen. However, the senses explore the picture trying to find something new. Whether it fails or succeeds in this, it attributes the outcome to the word. This is also the reason why people normally like soft mellifluous words that do not agitate the senses.

Increasing the scope of teaching
Advanced teaching methods incorporate a string of images that 'tell a story'. The words associated with them take their slots next to the picture, in the manner most effective for absorption and instant utilization. There are advantages in this system. First, it increases the desire to study in the student. He or she will look forward to seeing the pictures with childish curiosity. This increases the aptitude for studying and the person feels enervated while studying.

Links that work effectively
Now, the second thing is the association of the pictures. The ideas revolving around in the mind of the person with some picture has links to the word. Many of these ideas are the same and are present in the minds of any normal person. This makes it easy for the person to recall the word. This technique is finding acceptance because of the ease of use and the wide range of its applicability. 

Understanding the efficacy of the system
The system is efficient for one reason. The mind accepts pictures more easily. When a person hears words, a machine gun seems to have bombarded his mind. When he sees pictures, his has his interest kindled and there is no irritation that words normally cause. The mind thus opens out to a vastly new experience, one that is more soothing and pleasant.

Improving on the system
Using this system for studying increases performances and improves the concentration of the individuals. By increasing the range of the words accommodated, the system is increasing the number of ideas incorporated as also the complexity. The teacher thus has only a limitation on the amount of words or ideas that he or she wants to teach and not on the actual teaching material.

Summarizing the Principle
We have started out into the academic world through a pictorial dimension. The principle of this picture vocabulary system is to keep the whole thing simple. A for Apple is all right while A for Abacus might be tough for some students to assimilate. Second is to have clarity. Forming pictures of a lion is easy while visualizing light is somewhat hazy. The intelligence of the person increases when the person is able to express clearly, what is in his or her mind. A group of people who have their facts clear, will be able to work in a cohesive and clear manner.